Timber Triple Glazing

Timber Triple Glazed Windows: Grown naturally - crafted with love

New generation timber triple glazed windows are strong, based on a long tradition of high-end products that are used in high quality energy efficient housing. Thanks to their natural appearance, they promote a sense of well-being for occupants, while offering objective benefits such as energy efficiency and good thermal comfort.

The reasons for the success of wooden triple glazed windows are manifold: their frame constructions look and feel natural and solid thanks to the unique wood grain, they are robust, durable and offer excellent thermal insulation properties.

In addition to that comes their individuality: Wood triple glazed windows can be built to match the architectural style of the house according to the customer's request.

Timber Triple Glazed Windows Gallery

There are different timber species to choose from, most popular are spruce and larch, but also tropical hardwood or german oak are available. They come with a wide range of possible coatings, varying from oil and natural varnishes to a range of paint colors. They have proven their longevity in Europe over the last 70 years.