Timber & Aluminium Triple Glazing

Wood/aluminium triple glazed windows are characterized by their interplay of nature and technology, and meet today’s window requirements, such as increased burglary protection, energy efficiency and sound insulation.

This is not a classic triple glazed aluminium window or a wooden triple glazed window but a composite of wood and aluminium.

But why use a wood/aluminium triple glazed window in your own home?

The window consists of an aluminum skin on the outside and a wooden triple glazed window in the interior. Depending on the owner's taste, the wood species, as well as the wood and aluminium color, can be individually selected.

This combination of warm natural material and robust, durable light metal optimally utilizes and combines the respective advantages of the two building materials. Thanks to the aluminium lining on the outside, there is no discoloration of the wood due to UV rays, making repainting unnecessary. Aluminium is also weather-resistant, spared from signs of age and wear, making the window durable, robust and functional. Despite its low weight, it also gives an extremely high strength and thus ensures impact insensitivity.

Wood on the other hand attracts less dust and dirt than plastic and provides on the inside a high thermal insulation, a healthy indoor climate and a natural aesthetic full of character. Wood aluminium triple glazed windows are the perfect combination of the highest quality and aesthetic design.

Wood/aluminium triple glazed windows are also considered to be ecologically sustainable, as wood is a renewable raw material and aluminium is fully recyclable.

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How much do wood/aluminium triple glazed windows cost?

Due to the material combination of sturdy aluminium and natural, comfortable and top-insulating wood, wood-aluminium-triple glazed window prices are higher than the price of standard New Zealand triple glazed aluminium windows or triple glazed PVC plastic windows. However, the performance, longevity and environmental sustainability of this premium product should be factored into the decision making process.

Energy efficiency properties of wood aluminium triple glazed windows

Wood /aluminium triple glazed windows are currently the favourite of customers in Europe: they combine the good thermal insulation of wood with the weather resistance of metal. Wood /aluminium triple glazed windows are already perfectly suited for use in low-energy and Passive Houses.