PVC Triple Glazing


  • Bayerwald plastic window BW82
  • 82 mm construction depth
  • 7 real insulating chambers with 6 continuous walls (frame)
  • 6 real insulated chambers with 5 continuous walls (sashes)
  • RAL-A profiles with thicker walls according to DIN EN 12608
  • 3 circumferential seals (in sash and frame profile)
  • center sealing system, easy to clean
  • precision steel reinforcement in the sash and frame
  • includes patented sash lifter (bottom) for hinge relief in closed and tilted sash position
  • special bolt for tilt function tilt hinge equipped with „slam shut“ protection
  • handles available in different styles and colors, (white, titanium silver, bronze and aged bronze)

U Values up to: Ug=0,4 W/qmK (Standard 0,6 W/qmK); Uw 0,7 w/qmK (Standard 0,83 W/qmK)