About Triple Glazing NZ

Triple Glazing NZ are very happy to support you in your home-building journey.

Triple Glazing NZ manage the quoting, refinement, checking, ordering, shipping, insurance, customs and local delivery of your premium European-made triple glazed windows, these windows can be installed by any competent NZ builder. We can also provide assistance for designers and architects in demonstrating to local authorities that these triple glazed windows far exceed the requirements of the NZ building code, in terms of weather tightness, strength, airtightness, energy efficiency and durability.

Timber & Aluminium Triple Glazed Window Cross Section

Custom Made Triple Glazed Doors & Windows

Windows are a critically important part of the building envelope and one which has, for too long, been a weak point in New Zealand buildings.

Triple Glazing NZ offer triple glazed windows that meet the rigorous and stringent Passive House Certified standard in terms of airtightness and energy efficiency; a Passive House window is 4 times more energy efficient than a standard New Zealand window. It is possible to have natural light and fresh air without compromising energy efficiency!